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Inflatable Human Foosball Game
Inflatable Human Foosball Game


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Setup Area: W 27', L 48', H 10'

Actual Size: W 25', L 46', H 9'


Are you baller enough?   This ain't no sissy game!  One of the best inflatable games you can rent.

Inflatable Human Foosball Game Rental 

Meet inflatable human fooseball game rental, the only thing better than playing foosball is slamming the winning goal and showing off your vicotry dance. This game challenges you to take on opponents in an intense bouncy inflatable field with 6 players at a time. Pass like its hot and slam like you're ready for retirement because once one player is eliminated they're OUT FOR THE COUNT (and it will be hilarious) - but don't forget about catching! The last team standing wins! Rent this baller of a game today so that next time you go out everyone can tell their friends "yeah I was playing the BEST kind of fooseball imaginable." OR Create your own rules and make it interesting. 

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